Fashion shoot in Tokyo

Also took this a few weeks back, finally got around to editing it :) I took a new lens I got for a spin, a 105mm f2.5 Nikkor - the infamous lens used to shoot the Afghan girl by Steve McCurry for National Geographic. Took some getting used to, but at the end I think I got some decent shots. Having said that it was still pretty difficult to get the focus just right for a lot of the shots and I had to take 3-4 shots as I turned the focus in hopes that one of them will be spot on. Was also extremely clumsy trying to do this with a pocket strobe in my left hand! Model: Steve Wilcox Photographer: me

Hutong Fashion Shoot!

Hey guys and gals, apologies for the lack of posts. Just been busy flying around and signing up for way too many things as usual. So I have been consistently shooting, just takes me a bit of time to get around to the editing haha. So, a new acquaintance introduced me to a photography editing software called DxO One that I was unaware of recently and I was told that it did wonders for noise reduction. Now for those who are not familiar with the term, noise is caused by bumping up the ISO in order to compensate for the lack of light. I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the DxO One, not only was it effective at noise reduction; it works almost like magic! A lot of the smart editing d

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