P.O.V. Photography exhibition 1 year anniversary

Time sure does fly, it has been a little more than one year since I organized the P.O.V. photography exhibition in M50 Shanghai. P.O.V. was short for point of view, and living in Shanghai I was always curious how the locals saw the world compared to foreigners so I set out to curate an exhibition that contrasted Chinese photographers shooting foreign countries against foreign photographers shooting China.

We sold the prints and we also printed calendars and photo books and donated all proceeds to a local charity called Jiabainong children's orphanage. The exhibition lasted for one week and we managed to raise more than 14,000 rmb.

A little background about the photographers:

Charlie Zhang is a Chinese photographer born in Beijing who specializes in street photography.

"My point of view is to interpret life through the lens, to share my angle and perspective while capturing moments through my travels and in daily life."

I counted myself as a foreign perspective photographing China for this project.

"My point of view is simply my way of capturing daily life in an honest manner. Through my lens I hope to provide a unique perspective from a returnee, the undisclosed parts of China that is forsaken by mass media."

Lucine Magand is a French student currently studying Chinese in Shanghai. An avid traveler, she has been documenting her travels through photography for the past few years. Lucine specializes in travel portraiture.

"My point of view is capturing people or moments that radiate something special or intriguing to me. Perhaps it is happiness, sadness or amusement. This is particularly interesting to me because the lifestyle and culture in China has such a big contrast compared with France."

Chen Yu is a local Chinese currently living in Shanghai working in the scientific community. Chen Yu has been shooting with film for the last ten years and enjoys photojournalism style photography.

"My point of view is observing China through experiencing foreign countries. As I travel across foreign countries and engaging the local people in their natural environment, mundane daily routines are suddenly thought provoking. This experience has taught me the intricacies of society can be most truthfully be represented through the local people's daily life. Through my photos, I hope my audience will be inspired to reflect upon their own lifestyle and perspective."

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