Photo walk with the Leica SL

I had the pleasure of playing around the Leica SL yesterday evening so I took it for a spin near the Yu Gardens again in Shanghai. Regrettably I only stayed a short time as the air pollution was horrendous and was irritating my eyes like invisible ninjas chopping onions everywhere. Here are the few shots that I took at various ISO levels, the lens I used was the kit lens 24-90mm.

Overall it was definitely a beautifully crafted piece of machinery, but I couldn't really get used to using the zoom lens. The weight and the ergonomics of the camera is well balanced and I could even shoot at very slow shutter speeds such as 1/15 or 1/30 without motion blur. I have been a bit spoiled with the prime lenses that I have with the massive f1.4 aperture, it's very difficult to enjoy shooting with anything less... even when it is Leica glass.

Considering the price for the Leica SL, I would still rather buy the Leica monochrome.

29mm f3.0 1/30 ISO1600

38mm f3.3 1/125 ISO1600

26mm f2.9 1/160 ISO1600

27mm f2.9 1/50 ISO1600

45mm f4.0 1/30 ISO400

72mm f4.0 1/15 ISO400

39mm f3.4 1/30 ISO1600

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