The most photogenic village I came across in China

When I tried to research this topic on google I would always end up with the same repetitive destinations. I'm going to show you a place very few have heard of and you can be the judge of whether it is the what I say it is.

The village I'm writing about is a tiny placed called Chaji 查济古镇 in South Anhui province. Roughly a 7 hour drive from Shanghai the scenery is well worth the long journey. The village dates back to the Yuan dynasty with buildings left over from Ming and Qing dynasty also. The village has three rivers that passes through it and is surrounded by mountains on all sides. It really is as picturesque as it gets in China complete with flat and arch bridges as well as the famous Anhui style architecture which is consistent throughout the village.

There was actually a photographic society set up there, but didn't seem like they had too much going on or had any funds to protect the village from further damage. The night sky there was crystal clear, there wasn't a city within 60km from this village. This was one of the first attempts at astral photography. We stayed over night at a local airbnb like hotel, it was actually surprising clean compared to the horrors I have witnessed in my times in China.

If I ever get the chance, I would love to raise funds and buy out this whole village and protect it with likeminded individuals. There aren't many untouched villages left with history so well preserved. It really is quite an experience to go back in time, something I hope the Chinese government will put more funding towards... not time travel but preservation of history.

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