2012 Jiuzhaigou 九寨沟

This series was taken back in 2012 around September on a trip with the family to Jiuzhaigou, west China. I had recently been reading up on the different types of camera sensors and had found out that my old d200 uses a CCD sensor which is renowned to have a more film like quality. So I decided to go back and look through my photos to see if I could tell the difference.

Thinking back, I actually noticed the difference when I upgraded to D7000. The newer sensors may be higher in spec, but many argue they prefer the look and feel of the CCD sensor. What do you think?

I also had with me a 2 stop CPL filter which can mitigate the reflections on the water and show more detail underneath. It was also useful for slowing the shutter speed for the silky flowing water.

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