Test shots with the Fujifilm S5 and red filter

As mentioned in previous posts, I had ordered a second hand Fujifilm S5 for the CCD sensor and the film like qualities it has. I also went to Shinjuku and purchased a red filter from Yodabashi Camera.

I managed to shoot a little bit in between all the other things we were doing around Shinjuku. I have to say I'm very happy with the camera, not only is it very responsive and quick; the photos look very retro. I have yet learnt to master how to use it and how to process the photos to maximize the effect but I'm loving it so far. Very very suited to the street photography that I love doing in Tokyo.

As for the red filter, I did do some test shots on the same subject however it was difficult to tell the difference on the small LCD plus the metering is slightly different due to less light. I will try to conduct more tests and come back with a more conclusive review of my red filter for B&W photos.

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