2017 Sakura blossom report

Sakura season is once again upon us and it looks to be a good year with stable weather and not too much rain forecasted for the following week in Tokyo. Full bloom was estimated to take place today so I went ahead and scouted Naka-Meguro yesterday at sun rise. The blossom so far was only at around 40-50% depending on the amount of sunshine the trees received.

Living in Meguro allows me quick access to the Meguro river sakura trees, so I'll head back again tomorrow at sunrise for another shoot. I took a quick walk around again today but was really turned off by the amount of people and the lack of good lighting.

Hopefully I'll have time to check out some less touristy spots for sakura viewing this year, I hear the infamous Yasukuni Shrine has some beautiful trees there which I may also go visit tomorrow. I went to the Ueno park and Yoyogi park last year but it was just too crowded and found the surroundings to be not so photogenic.

Here's what I have so far from yesterday morning, enjoy!

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