My baby daughter Leah

At 6pm 17th of August, our baby daughter Leah was born. It has been the most amazing experience and words simply can not describe the feeling I have towards this little creature. The exhaustion we have faced so far is second only to my mountain climbing expedition at 6200m above sea level.

Our lives now completely revolve around our daughter, and our personal time is segmented into tiny chunks when she falls asleep between feeding time. That being said I have not had a more fulfilling feeling in my heart and I am truly thankful that both the mother and child are healthy.

As you might expect, I have been documenting her growth since the moment was born. Here are some of the shots I have taken so far. The shots have are mostly taken with my Fujifilm S5, see if you can spot which shots were taken with the Petzval 65mm :)

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